No one has to help you 


Everything has to be doneby oneself 


Where tofind it if you don ‘ t work hard someone who is willing to rely on you 


Over time , you ‘ ll know 


If you are not good , you will be eliminated by the society 


Don ‘ t make reality an idol play 


There ‘ s no pie in the sky 


Let ‘ s start now 


You will become a betteryourself in the near future图片​努力是一种生活态度Hard work is a life attitude 与年龄无关Not age related 所以无论什么时候So whenever 真正能激励你温暖你Can really inspire you to warm you 感动你的不是励志语录心灵鸡汤It ‘ s not inspirational quotations that move you 也不是正能量语录励志的故事It ‘ s not a inspirational story 而是充满正能量的你自己It ‘ s your own positive energy 努力让自己成为一个真正的自己Try to be yourself图片​半山腰总是最拥挤的Half mountainside is always the most crowded 你得去山顶看看You have to go to the top of the mountain 要逼自己变得优秀Make yourselfgood 然后骄傲的生活And live a proudlife 当时你撑不住野心时When you couldn ‘ t keep up your ambition 请你努力Please try 命运不会亏待正在努力变好的你Fate won ‘ t treat you who are trying to be better 即使辛苦还是要选择变得更加优秀Choose to be better even if you work hard图片​那些你熬夜努力的时光Those days when you stay up late and work hard 那些你觉得太累再也站不起来Those you feel too tired to stand up 却依然支撑自己起身的晚安ButI still stand up for my good night 那才是梦想的力量That ‘ s the power of dreams图片​六点起床很困难It ‘ s hard to get up atsix 背单词很困难It ‘ s difficult to memorize words 静下心很困难It ‘ s hard to calm down 但是总有一些人五点可以起床But there are always people who can get up atfive 一天背六课单词Recite six words a day 耐心读完一本书Read a Book patiently 谁也没有超能力There ‘ s no superpower 但是自己可以决定一天去做什么事情But I can decide what to do in a day 你以为没有了路You think there ‘ s no way 事实上路可能就在前方一点点In fact , the road may be a little ahead 那些比自己强大的人都在拼命Those who are stronger than themselves are fighting for their lives 我们还有什么理由停下脚步?What other reason do we have to stop 图片​其实坚持没有那么难Actually , it ‘ s not that hard to insist 不过是一秒再加一秒It ‘ s just a second and a second 你要跟自己死磕到底You have to fight yourself to the end 越痛苦越要坚持The more pain , themore persistence 当你想放弃或者放纵的时候When you want to give up or indulge 就想想自己所受的苦Just think about what you ‘ve suffered图片​一定要想清楚You have to think about it 自己爱做什么事What do you like to do 想过什么样的生活What kind of lifedo you want 然后可以通过怎样的方法和途径去实现它How to realize it 别老羡慕那些看上去很美的人生Don ‘ t envy the beautiful life 要知道You know 大家给你看的You can see it 仅仅只是他们想给你看的It ‘ s just what they want to show you图片​趁你现在还有时间While youstillhavetime 尽你自己最大的努力Do your best 努力做成你最想做的那件事Try to do what you want to do most 成为你最想成为的那种人Be the kind of person you want to be 过着你最想过的那种生活Live the life you most want 也许我们始终都只是一个小人物Maybe we ‘ re just little people all the time 但这并不妨碍我们选择用什么样的方式活下去But that doesn’t stop us from choosing how to live 这个世界永远比你想的要更精彩The world will always be better than you think图片​这个世界除了朝九晚五Except nine to five还有很多人要加班到深夜There are many people who have to work late into the night 没有双休没有热好的粥No weekends no hot porridge 没有灯火通明的家A home without lights 用尽全力去生活不过勉强温饱Try your best to live , but barely enough 生活不会总是一片黑暗Life is not always dark 你想要的终会到来What you want will come 但是要努力呀But work hard !图片